Huawei Unisex W1 Bluetooth Classic Smart Android Wear Alarm Watch

True style never compromises. With the Huawei Watch, classic Swiss design meets smart technology to create an enduring timepiece. A superior full circle display offers a window onto the world. A wearable to be worn.With a stylish profile and case, with hand polished finish, this is designed to feel luxurious on the wrist and like a luxury watch, with the added power of Android Wear compatibility.The screen is a high resolution 400x400 AMOLED display, in a 1.4 inch full circle size for easy navigation and use. High pixel density of 286ppi and 10,000:1 contrast ratio mean the watch always remains crisp and easy to read.The battery is rechargeable, using a cradle and micro USB for ease of use. Depending on usage, this offers up to 1.5 days usage. Recharging has a fast charge capability that allows the user to recharge their watch to 80% within 45 minutes.The watch runs with Android Wear, meaning the watch will pair with any Android Phone running Android 4.3 or later, or iPhones running iOS 8.2 or later. This connects through Bluetooth Low Energy BLE or through Wifi to show notifications through your watch for a number of apps.With fitness in mind, the Huawei Watch has a built in heart rate sensor, barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer to accurately track your activity throughout the day.

£ 239.00

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